About Us

ATALAB is founded with the aim of supplying cutting-edge technology products and integrated solutions for the security of Kazakhstan. ATALAB is a design company, which focuses on:

  • Anti-Drone Systems,
  • Border Security Solutions,
  • Video Management Systems,
  • Data Centers,
  • Security Operation Centers,
  • Network Operation Centers,
  • Network and Cyber Security Systems
  • 3D Mapping and 3D Display Solutions

ATALAB has been designing switches, routers, rugged computers and servers for specific needs of Kazakhstan and wants to extent this capability on special RF and Electro-Optic solutions. ATALAB intends to become a regional security solution provider in Central Asia and a globally recognized company with indigenously designed products.
ATALAB, which intends to have an office in Nazarbayev University Risk-Taking Inspiration Synergy NURİS Innovation Cluster, has close collaboration with university and SME companies.

Mission & Vision

Our Vision

To be the main integrator company sought in the national and international markets with national and international solutions for changing needs in the fields of defense, security and information technologies.

Our Mission

To develop value added products and services with our understanding of sustainable quality, our technological infrastructure and our expert staff, take care of national needs and respecting people and the environment.

Our Values

– Improve The Capabilities Of Our Personel
– Respectful to Human and The Environment
– To supply National and Indigenous Products for Our Country
– To Work With Passion
– Supply Sustainable Quality Products and Services

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