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roviding security against threats within the institutions or organizations is as important as providing defense against threats that may arise from outside. The InterProbe Threat Exchange (ITX) platform was developed as an effective solution for the elimination of threats for the enterprise, with the data it collects and the analysis it provides.

The data obtained as a result of API support and scanning processes is analyzed in the most comprehensive way thanks to Atalab’s ITX Platform. Thanks to ITX, system users can quickly prevent the dangers that may occur in the networks for the institution. The tasks of the ITX platform are generally as follows:

  • Collecting and distributing all data of disclosed attacks,
  • Revealing undisclosed attacks thanks to the Honeypot Network,
  • Generating alerts by exploring preparations for possible attacks.

hanks to the BigFish application we have developed to counter various actions that may cause phishing, users will be able to identify fake domain names taken on behalf of institutions. With the BigFish application, users who can easily learn the phishing ‘domains’ that can be used against them will have the ability to detect phishing attacks in advance and protect their systems before possible threats are activated.

System users will be able to analyze the possible attacks against the sectors they have categorized through the application in depth with BigFish capabilities and access the phishing ‘domains’ detected by the system on a category basis through the application. Thanks to this feature, the security process, which has gained speed and efficiency, will be completed in an extremely efficient way with the presentation made with visuals prepared in a way that users can easily understand.

BigFish, which lists 97% of the ‘domains’ purchased around the world every day; by associating them with each other, it generates a probability report of possible phishing attacks. BigFish, which reduces the rate of false positives in Phishing areas with its deep learning infrastructure; It makes a report by performing a retrospective Whois query. With BigFish, which provides high-level service in terms of both data collection and value generation through the analysis of this data, we guarantee that domain names that imitate institutions or that may have the potential to imitate will be identified.


ou will enrich your intelligence activities with Socialleye, which we have developed to effectively monitor and obtain data from social media platforms, which are one of the sources that can provide the most data on cyber intelligence.

Socialleye, which has the ability to analyze the data it receives from social media platforms as well as to follow it, eliminates borders with its various features. So much so that even deleting any content on these platforms cannot prevent the Socialleye application from accessing this data. Socialleye, which makes use of databases for this, enables you to get high efficiency in cyber intelligence with the analyzes it offers.

Socialleye has been designed for the user to perform transactions very comfortably and without wasting time. Socialleye, which can follow the live broadcast stream over the specified word, takes the analysis obtained from social media monitoring to the next level with its ability to analyze the profiles determined by the user.

The Socialleye application also stands out with its categorization feature. You can use it by creating a country-specific username through Socialleye, which can follow country trends. The application, which has been developed to perform a high-level follow-up without leaving any gaps, has the ability to generate alarms as soon as a content is published on the subjects that are followed. With all these functions, you will be able to follow up in a versatile and uninterrupted way thanks to Socialleye.

Socialleye, one of the applications we have developed knowing the importance of generating value from data as well as obtaining data, allows you to make unique and high-level analyzes by making relational inferences with the data analytics technique. Being able to detect related networks and analyze trends positively increases the efficiency you get from the application and the quality of the results obtained.

Socialleye offers the possibility to add and customize news sites on the basis of any country you specify. The application, which also provides language support for targeted countries, allows you to search on the basis of news title or news content. All these also mean speed and time savings. These features offered by the Socialleye application will make it possible for you to obtain valuable data for cyber intelligence in the shortest possible time and without interruption.


s well as preventing cyber attacks, it is also very important to follow a path, considering that the fact that these attacks sometimes go undetected is a high probability. With our LeakScope product, which provides tracking through forums to detect an attack, we enable you to create a healthy roadmap to provide effective solutions.

LeakScope, which was revealed after the meticulous work of InterProbe expert staff; After a possible cyber attack that the user may experience, it ensures that the hacker forums where the stolen data will be published are followed. Thus, the user, who detects from where he was attacked with the data he has obtained, has the opportunity to make a comprehensive analysis of the vulnerabilities in the system. LeakScope allows you to quickly find out where the stolen information is used and what information the people sharing the database are selling, and take action.

The features offered by LeakScope are at a level that appeals to all sectors, especially the financial sector. All organizations, whether private or official, may face the situation where their data, which is leaked as a result of the breach, is put up for sale on the forums. LeakScope, which comes into play in such a situation, finds where the stolen data of the user is put up for sale, allowing quick action to be taken.


arkPoint, which is one of the products we o­er to make all complex systems related to cyberspace the most usable; It was developed to allow you to do extensive site research from all layers of all layers of the deep and dark web.

With DarkPoint, which presents the content it collects in a functional, simple and holistic way, you will be able to achieve the highest efficiency in the analysis phase. Thanks to the DarkPoint application we offer, you can access not only the active sites, but also the system’s database, as well as the sites before they were shut down. As a result of this feature, you ensure that nothing gets in the way of the content goals you set out while researching.

DarkPoint also provides many advantages in terms of eliminating the need for an expert. The fact that content monitoring, which is done manually by cyber intelligence analyzes under normal conditions, is carried out automatically and systematically brings institutions to the point where they can save on many issues.

The functions of DarkPoint are an indication that it is an application that appeals to the comfort of the user. So much so that this application, which automatically browses the ‘web’, first determines an address as a destination. Starting from here, it starts adding a list of other addresses on the sites and creates a long list of visits for itself. Continuing to browse these sites in turn, DarkPoint continues to add new addresses to its list. After all this, DarkPoint, which transfers the content it collects in a functional, holistic and simple way, offers information that you can use effectively against any data leakage that may occur in your institution.

Thanks to DarkPoint, with its structure suitable for increasing resources, its ability to archive all components, its discovery methodology, smart bot technology and periodic page controls, you will be able to dominate all layers of the internet and with the content you obtain from these, you will be able to reach real solutions at the points of business development and eliminating threats.


ne of the best ways to ensure security in systems is to grasp the attacker’s point of view. Among the methods of creating this state of understanding, there is also the ability to see the capabilities of the attacker without damaging the systems by trapping them in various traps. With Honeypot Management trap servers we developed as InterProbe, we get detailed information about attackers and make it possible to eliminate threats.

A continuous control is required in order to manage the security status of the systems. You can do this check in various ways, but using decoy servers to detect vulnerabilities in the system; It provides an advantage in terms of detecting the techniques and identity of the attacker. Honeypot Management, which detects the origin, movements, techniques and tactics of the attacker; It allows the user to see the vulnerabilities in his system and to pinpoint it to make improvements.

As Atalab, we make this service different from the others and functionally special by providing corporate-specific work with Honeypot Management. Not limited to a known web technology, server, website etc. We offer a company-specific service by diversifying the areas where we place Honeypot Management on web technologies. Thus, we make the technology we have developed more comprehensive and increase the areas where we catch/phish the attacker.

In addition to being able to develop and manage the organization’s own Honeypot servers, we also offer the opportunity to view, analyze and monitor daily. In short, with our Honeypot Management product, you can look at your own systems through the eyes of a ‘hacker’ and identify them in a way that will obtain detailed information about the people or groups attacking your system. With its rich scenario, instant installation, the ability to stay undetected for a long time, the ability to create scenarios specific to industrial control systems, and real-time status tracking features, Honeypot Management will make your systems the safest and make your business processes more efficient.


he location independence feature of cyber attacks increases the threats to systems and obliges institutions or organizations to have a very broad perspective to protect their systems. As InterProbe, we provide you with a global perspective on cyber attacks with the Cyber Event Collection Tool.

Cyber Event Collection Tool, which allows you to monitor the cyber attacks carried out around the world in real time, stands out with its limitlessness and off­ering the user many options during the research.

An institution or organization that owns the Cyber Event Collection Tool can see attacks from any part of the world to another place using certain filters. Users, who get information such as attack types and where the attack came from, have the opportunity to take precautions by seeing the intensity and types of cyber attacks carried out in their own regions. This means that you can protect your company before it is attacked, by being aware of possible attacks in advance, before the systems are damaged.

Developed with the qualified staff of InterProbe, this product differs from other products in its class with the variety of sources it collects data from. So much so that our Cyber Event Collection Tool product, which is not limited to its own resources, does not neglect to evaluate the resources in the market. At the same time, the product, which does not use a user-independent filtering, presents the cyber attacks carried out around the world to the analysis of the user with real transparency.

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