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XPLORATION, a vulnerability scanning engine, offers you the opportunity to collect and query all kinds of cyber vulnerability data on a global scale in one place. EXPLORATION scanning engine, which detects regional and sector-based threats in real time, enables you to produce risk analysis at a level that can be pinpointed.

Institutions have to constantly try new methods in order to close the vulnerabilities that occur in their systems. If the organization is not aware of the vulnerabilities in the systems, another threat can use these vulnerabilities to cause permanent damage when they discover them.

EXPLORATION; It will support the complete elimination of security vulnerabilities in your systems by performing;

  • Vulnerability mapping,
  • Attack surface analysis,
  • Risk scoring,
  • Infrastructure asset inventory creation and reporting tasks

IEM collects data from networks and detects cyber security-related events, and cyber security teams of institutions or organizations take the necessary action by taking advantage of these detections. With InterProbe SIEM, you can have logs and the most up-to-date analysis to be included in correlations instantly. Creating reports to demonstrate compliance, InterProbe SIEM enables you to take measures to protect your company from threats with its unlimited daily data collection and storage functions, as well as to generate value with comprehensive analysis.

Taking logs from various sources, InterProbe SIEM enables you to make sense of this data. Logs made meaningful by InterProbe SIEM are then correlated. An alarm is triggered by malicious activity or threatening activity that passes through the logs or correlates. A feature is then presented to block the threat.

In addition SIEM, takes your efficiency to the next level with the following features;

  • Reporting
  • Data storage in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Easy search feature
  • Hosting all modules in a single server architecture
  • Easy correlation writing
  • Interoperability with all global products

asks that can be completed without the need for manpower in business processes enable corporate employees to focus more on critical tasks. SOAR is a tool we have designed to automate routine tasks so that employees of organizations can have more productive processes.

Defining your organization’s incident analysis and response procedures in digital workflow format, SOAR enables you to turn incident management tasks from manual to automated.

Thanks to the automation of repetitive and time-consuming tasks, you experience fast business processes with high efficiency.

InterProbe SOAR, which provides the collection of security alarms monitored by the security operations team; Helps define, prioritize and execute standard incident response activities.

A real solution for security professionals to save time so that they can focus fully on critical and decision-making events without dealing with simple but time-consuming tasks, SOAR is a security otomation that performs repetitive tasks without the need for any human resources. With SOAR, you can make informed decisions, take action against the risk stance, implement defensive measures, and formalize the incident response process. The capabilities you acquire with InterProbe SOAR allow your analysts to concentrate on their more critical business.

Our tool, which consists of six critical elements:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Playbook Automation
  • Interactive Research
  • Collaboration
  • Contextual Information
  • Case Management

Seamlessly integrates all your security technologies. With the third component of the InterProbe SOAR tool, “incident response” you enable your security teams to collaborate, share information, and manage security incidents.

In direct interaction with security devices, SOAR performs behavioral analysis and not only investigates malicious activities, but also functions to prevent them. SOAR, which also has case management capability, can also perform task assignments and process management. With all these functions, you will eliminate wasted time with SOAR, which can perform various tasks undertaken by an analyst.


obile Sandbox, which we developed for the automatic detection of malicious software, is currently the only project of its kind in Turkey. Mobile Sandbox, which detects malware regardless of Android or iOS, will maximize your security

While most of the vital activities go to mobile device usage in some way; making these vehicles safe is becoming more and more critical every day. Because the presence of a malicious software on devices without being detected and not taking precautions against it can lead to the seizure of all our data on these devices in every area of our lives. Our Mobile Sandbox tool comes into play at this point, making your devices the safest without tiring you out.

With SandBox, you can deeply analyze mobile malware and analyze the functions used by these malware, system calls, network traffic, file traffic. Thanks to the analyzes made, you can perform a comprehensive security check by observing harmful content and activities.

With Sandbox, you can detect the damage that malicious software can cause by examining its behavior. In-depth analysis of mobile malware will bring a fast result and an effective solution, so you will maximize your security.

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