Smart Grid and Solar Systems


nergy is one of the primary searches for solutions that facilitate the lives of people and increase the standard of living. The energy sector switches to advanced automation with Smart Grid Solutions and becomes real-time and manageable with instant communication and control technologies. Smart Energy concept has become the strategic goals of countries in order to make resources more efficient, sustainable and manageable. In this context, the most important improvement steps are improving efficiency in energy consumption and transportation, increasing efficiency and intelligent management of shared and renewable resources. ATALAB designs and produces solutions in order to provide all the benefits of Smart Grid to Turkish Energy Distribution, Generation, and Transmission companies.

ATALAB has many products that can provide benefits to renewable power plants, especially solar power plants. ATALAB has protection relays, remote terminal units (RTU), automatic meter reading modems, energy analyzer that supports many communication protocols (IEC 61850, IEC 608709-104 etc.).

Battery and battery management technologies are key technologies for renewable energy plants. ATALAB has deep experience in battery management and battery charging technologies. ATALAB can handle power from a few watts to hundreds of kilowatts.

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