Video Management Systems


ational Video Management System (NVMS) which will manage the videos streaming from other VMS applications, from Network Video Recorders (NVR) and directly from Cameras, perform content management and video analytics, contain artificial intelligence and workflow applications inside.

NVMS has a distributed, scalable, open-ended and flexible infrastructure for ease of integration.
System will be composed of following systems:

  • Main Operation Center
  • Regional Operation Centers
  • Objects

ATALAB and its subsidiaries has an extensive integration capability of the above equipment with third party solutions as well. This development and integration capability gives ATALAB the advantage of modernization of the infrastructure with the state-of-art solutions in short time.

ATALAB, its subsidiaries and solution partners, has extensive integration capability, which includes:

  • site survey,
  • customer need determination,
  • technical requirement analysis,
  • system architecture and definition,
  • solution definition and realization,
  • installation in harsh environment,
  • commissioning and site tests

NVMS is an integrated solution, consists of many components. The components communicate with each other with the secure networks. The data gathered from these systems are transferred to Main Operation Center (MOC) and Regional Operation Centers (ROC) momentarily with fiber optic connection and stored at the Data Centers which are located in MOC and ROCs. The data analyses are carried out instantenously with artificial intelligence and operators. The acquired results are reported momentarily with the fusion software and enable the operators and analysts with great capabilities.

The overall design of the NVMS has been reviewed on two main bases.

  • Information Security
  • Uninterrupted Operation

The system is designed with scalable architecture. Thus, system resources can be increased or decreased according to needs or additional subsystems can be added.

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